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A pair of bottled shaped vases in cachemire

With an exceptional combination of the colours black and yellow

Origin: Delft, ‘The Greek A’ pottery

Marked: PAK = Pieter Adriaen Kocks

Date: Circa 1701-1721

Dimensions: Height: 23 cm

Literature: (exhibition)“ Het wondere zwart van Delft”, Museum Willet Holthuysen, Amsterdam, 1963 no: 49.

Provenance: Ex. collection M.P. Voûte, Baarn;

Sale Frederik Muller & Cie, Amsterdam 17-25 april 1956


The extremely popular cachemire decoration first appeared in the years surrounding 1700. It is derived from the colourful cachemire material that originated in India, but quite freely interpreted, and comprises floral motifs with representations of phoenix-like birds while the border line decoration was usually Lambrequin of French print, like the decoration of these bottle shaped vases.

Cachemire decor with mirror-black and the imperial yellow colour, is extremely rare. International buyers still express interest in cachemire Delftware even today. On the other hand, while Delftware with a gold ornamentation (petit-feu) used to fetch the same price as the beloved cachemire Delftware, it is no longer enjoys the same level of popularity.

These bottel-slaped vases, auctioned in Amsterdam in 1956, was part of the well known Delftware collection of M.P. Voûte, Baarn, and was acquired by Salomon Stodel fort he sum of Fl. 4400, — exclusive buyers premium.

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