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A silver coffee pot with tap

The Netherlands, Delft, 1714

Origin: The Netherlands, Delft

Master: Cornelis van Dyck

Date: 1714

Weight: 1783 gram

Dimensions: Height 32 cm

From 1700 onwards Cornelis van Dyck worked in the fashionable court style of The Hague. He received commissions of a number of wealthy high ranking Hague patrons . The usual superlatives are unnecessary in presenting this coffeepot, those who know its merits will be instantly recognized. Small ornamental motives have been applied to the smooth surface of this urn, the urn shaped coffeepot represents a typical Dutch variant of the international Louis XIV court style. This style is characterized by solid symmetrical shapes and a clear structure that is emphasized in heavy mouldings. Both shapes and ornamentation were inspired by classical architecture.

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