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Courtyard in Dordrecht

Johannes van Lexmond 1769-1838

Medium: Watercolor

Artist: Johannes van Lexmond (1769 Dordrecht 1838)

Signed: Lower right: J. van Lexmond

Dated: Lower right: 1818

Dimensions: 27 cm x 21,7 cm (without frame)


Van Lexmond must have been fascinated by quiet courtyards. He was honored in 1799 with the silver medal of honor from the department of engineering for a drawing of a Doric gate. The many old gate buildings provide the nicest vistas, such as here on a sunny winter’s day, where a milk woman goes past the doors and a boy sells peat. Special attention is paid to the brickwork of the gate passage by not only rendering the structure as natural as possible, but also approaching the color nuances in the brick as faithfully as possible.

Van Lexmond was apprenticed to the painters’ shop of the Van Strij brothers. He had been a member of Pictura since 1790, and was the secretary of this drawing society of 1809-1828. He never participated in major national exhibitions. Van Lexmond died unmarried on November 22, 1838.

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