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A pair of plates

Delft, circa 1685-1701

Origin: Delft, ‘The Greek A’ pottery

Marked: AK = Adriaen Kocks

Date: Circa 1685-1701.

Dimensions: Diameter: 26 cm

Note: Identical plate in ‘Het Gemeentemuseum’, The Hague.


The arms belong to Johan van der Does, born in Delft in 1664 and deceased in Gouda in 1704, at the left, and his wife Elisabeth van der Dussen, in the oval on the right. Van der Does had a successful career in local politics and held a succesion of high offices, including Burgomaster of Gouda an Deputee of the States-Generaal. On 15 September 1677 he married Elisabeth van der Dussen, daughter of the Burgomaster of Schiedam.

It is noteworthy that a further two plates, two ewers and a candlestick that are also decorated with the coats of arms of the Van der Does and Van der Dussen are known. They must all have been part of a series that was especially commissioned, possibly to commemorate a special family occasion, and all painted with the same armorial decoration.


Coat of Arms: Johan van der Does ( Delft 1644-Gouda 1704)

Coat of Arms: Elisabeth van der Dussen ( 1657-1730)

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