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Silver melon shaped teapot

Salomon Lamberts, 1765

Origin: The Netherlands, Zutphen

Maker: SL = Salomon Lamberts

Date: Date letter P 5 =  1765

Weight: 396 gram

Dimensions: Height: 14 cm

Fabulous silver has been made in Zutphen. Local silversmiths followed stylistic developments from the west of the Netherlands, especially from The Hague. Zutphen is surrounded by the beautiful countryside, where many aristocratic families owned property and houses, and who commissioned silver in Zutphen according to models from The Hague. An example of this fashion is the melon-shaped teapot, although teapots from The Hague tend to be somewhat smaller compared to the present more robust piece.

Salomon Lamberts was the primus inter pares of Zutphen silversmiths. Born in Amsterdam, he moved to Zutphen in 1734, and in the same year he married the daughter of Berend Coolhaas, who was originally from Deventer.

Several nearly identical melon-shaped teapots by Lamberts are known, sometimes combined with matching milk jugs, including a set dated in 1767.


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