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Four silver candlesticks

Rotterdam, 1806

Master: Laurens Koster

Date: 1806

Origin: Rotterdam

Height:  14 cm.

Weight: ca. 355 grams


This set of four candlesticks was made by Laurens Koster, who was born in Rotterdam in 1775. The candlesticks are circular and fully smooth, while the stems are baluster-shaped, expanding in the middle. They appear surprisingly modern and functional. They are completely smooth apart from some groove borders, applied where they are intended to be held with the thumb, index and middle fingers, so as not to leave fingerprints on the otherwise smooth surface.

Its is widely known that Rotterdam silver is strongly influenced by English examples. This is the result of geographic circumstances: the Rotterdam harbour was in direct connection with England. Traditionally there had been a large colony of English and Scottish merchants in Rotterdam, which had grown so voluminous that Rotterdam was also known as ‘little London’ during the eighteenth century.

This set of candlesticks by Koster is even more reminiscent of a Viennese model Рthe development of this shape in Vienna was also directly inspired  by the English influence in that city.



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